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A Bored Lich

A Bored Lich

"Screw magic, I want to learn how to do cool flips and stuff." Magic is awesome, until you've studied it for centuries. Doevm reincarnates into a human to experience the path of a fighter to its fullest and swears not to rely on magic. There is only one problem, a goddess stands in his way. She pits him against both the hero and the villain for all of eternity. How will he escape this, with magic or his fists? Maybe both? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Sorry about the spacing. Webnovel doesn't let me use enter) Winner of contest #110. I upload seven chapters a week. Each chapter has word count around 1500+.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Link to my discord: https://discord.gg/tHaceja ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------While I am an experienced writer, I do make mistakes. Don't be afraid to say you don't understand something or point out an error in grammar. I read all comments. There are naturally some things I won't say. For example, if some says there's an inconsistency and I don't address it, it's probably there for a reason.

Random_writer · Fantasy
Polymorph Swarm

Polymorph Swarm

In a fantasy world filled with many kinds of creatures exists monsterkind. Monsters are unique, for they have the ability to steal the strengths and traits of the creatures they consume. Among these monsters lie a lone centipede monster called a scypede. Our scypede is blessed by many lucky coincidences giving it a chance to walk the path of greatness. But eventually, our scypede will understand that if it wants to keep everything that it had achieved so far, it will have to brave and endure through many challenges, and face the consequences of its regrets. And only then, will our scypede become one of the strongest forces of the realm.

CCommon · Fantasy
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