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The Goblin's Feast

“Goblin or not, we all deserve to live in this world” The world is full of wonders, terrors, monsters, and demons, and Blake Heathens must find a way to survive. The slightest mistake will kill him and everything he loves. But having to learn the mysterious Tear of Life, his goal went astray. “I shall revive my family,” He said and at once set off a quest to find this immortal treasure. However, what lies beyond was something he had never expected. The Twelve Kingdoms of Demancian shares the same goal; and what happens next is for you to find out... -The book cover belongs to FJFT-Art https://www.deviantart.com/fjft-art/art/Goblin-archer-551201383

kuhaku_sora · Fantasy

Zero 2 One

Two worlds literally collide, forcing a fantasy world and modern reality to become one. The result is near apocalyptic chaos, where everything Samantha Fletcher once thought was "normal" is reduced to nothing. With her two best friends to support her, she has to carve a new way to live in the nightmarish aftermath. Society has to rebuild itself in this new reality, one step at a time. Yet, a strange voice haunts her and she sometimes sees this new world in 0s and 1s. All Samantha wants to do is survive in this newly merged world, but a woman is haunting her dreams every night. She warns of a great danger in cryptic words: "The universe is crumbling to 'zero...' Will this 'zero' be your end or your beginning?" Samantha may only be sixteen, but she has a lot on her hands. Not just managing a group of survivors and building a stronghold for herself... No, it seems like she may have to help rebuild a crumbling universe! /// Fantasy story about rebuilding a life after a weird apocalypse! ///

BeriAH · Fantasy Romance