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I'm trying to Be a Villainess!

Crystal an unfortunate Soul that got framed for a murder she did not even commit. A kind soul who helps people in return for their good deed's towards her, was nomore when she died the most embarrassing death in humanity. Reincarnated in a Harem novel where the Heroin was too dumb for her own good, and to top all things off she was not the Villainess but instead her side-kick! Her life is In constent Danger as she was the one male leads half sister, this cannot do! From then on Out Crystal decided to take the reigns of her own life and become the Villainess herself! Because why not, the world's messed up why not add more to the collection?! (Note/ The cover does not Belong to me, ill be changing it soon once I've finished my own covers and take down the current 1)

Galaxtiaa_Universo ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings