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Shadow of Light

"If I could do what I want just once in life!", that was all I thought about. But as I finally was allowed to do so everything changed. Lilliana was a strict raised girl. But since no one is able to watch over somebody all the time, she was alone for once. However, maybe it would've been better, if she wasn't. For she reveals a row of mysterious things in her own home, she never actually knew about. It might've been better if she didn't expose them because this turns her life upside down. We have to say 'goodbye' to the cute, little and shy girl, for she creates plans to save her small village that has fallen into the hands of robbers and even human trafficers. At first she is too afraid to turn her plan into reality, but as the life of the parents of her best friend are at risk she doesn't want to wait any longer. And as her best friend suddenly disappears she takes action...

Rachel_Kellx ยท History
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