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Caught in the Middle

Caught in the Middle

My tears reminds me of the rain, they just keep falling, even when you wish them to stop. "Anong gagawin ko?" Nilapitan niya ako at niyakap, nang matigil ako sa pag-iyak, hinawakan niya ang magkabilang balikat ko at tinitigan ako sa mata. "You know,  We don't live in fairytale Ash,  We do live in reality. And, reality is.. Life gives us.. No, life surprises us with something we do not want." "But, I am torn. I don't know what to choose." I reason out. "Hey, do you remember what you told me before? That sometimes the answer to your question is not in the choices, the answer is in you. The answer is up to you." I am really lucky that she is my friend..

theartemissss · Teen
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