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Eternal Love: Apocalypse (BL)

"Under Major Editing!" 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Master Qi Ren: "One day, there would be an exalted personage that will appear in your life, that would make your cold and dead heart beats again. And when that happened, you already realize that you will not let him go no matter what happened. Nangong Yuan Zhi: Heh, An exalted personage? Who is he? Tell me and i will make him disappear once i know who he is. (Thought: His divination is always right. but I cannot let that happened. I cannot let that person affect me.) Master Qi Ren: I don't know his identity. What i only know is that he is near you and he possessed a cold and indifferent silver eyes. He is the only being who can make your heart beats again... And i advice you that you must serve him well. Tho, the exalted personage is carrying a great responsibilities in his shoulder, so he will not really going to prioritize you no matter what you do. Someday, The exalted one will leave you, General Nangong. Nangong Yuan Zhi: Is there really nothing that i can do? Master Qi Ren: All we can do is watch and wait. We really cannot defy the destiny that was already set to all of us.

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