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The Art System: Into the fictional worlds.

In this age of information and escapism, i ask. . . how many would want, to willingly die like a hero, and then be able to live again? and then in this next life, you'll be given the chance of becoming a god. so, would you take it? or would you sit and read my adventures! through such an event where I fought and loved others who were equally given this chance. as I watched them be eaten by their strength, and be conquered by insanity, and then taken advantage of by others, and then becoming regretful souls in their new life. . . I sadly watched all of this, while being an incapable heroic artist to weak to help anyone. . . but I did succeed in telling their story, in turning their memory into my everlasting Art. at least I'm happy to remember that in the end, In a small way I did help.

MA_Writecrft ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings