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The Seeker of the Flames

The Seeker of the Flames

Adin the Immortal, no one could forget this name. He was the Demon King and the bringer of death, torture, disease, destruction, suffering, and pain, the compilation of every evil and cruelty in the world. The stories of his unbelievable wickedness had spread throughout the universe. Everyone wished to kill him and end this insufferable pain. Many different groups were sent to finish him off, though none of them returned. His face remained a mystery for the free people since no one had escaped from his slaughters and dark dungeons. After a very long life of raping and massacring and enslaving the Humans, even the cries of the innocent people couldn't satisfy him and make his life less boring. He was tired of everything; he wanted to die, but even he himself couldn't end his life. He decided to search the world alone, trying to find a way to die. It was the beginning. The beginning of the Demon King's long journey to death. //Note: The main tags of the story are [Fantasy] and [Comedy] with both [Drama] and [Action], but there will be a fair amount of [Serious] and [Tragic] moments too. There won't be any Harem! Everything related to +18 stuff will be there just as a JOKE! There's also going to be romance, though it will start late in the story (After the first volume). I really respect my readers' opinions, and thus I hope you tell me which parts you hate and which parts you like; it really helps me to understand what you want and give you guys a better read.// (Chapter length is around 1k~1.3k. I will be releasing 1 chapter per day. However, there'll be one week of a break after every half volume.) ** And the cover is not mine. I tried to find the artist but couldn't. So please tell me if you know his/her name.**

PantyDorobo · Fantasy