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To Be The Golden Phoenix

This is a sort of memoir which narrates around 20 of the years Wei Ruyi spent in the palace. It narrates her struggle from Consort to Empress Dowager. In the end this is a story of life in a palace where cruelty and deceit is default. A story of a woman desperate for freedom, power, vengeance and the consequences her actions bring to not only her but to an entire nation. To stand at the top as the golden phoenix what will you do? ----------------------------------------------------------- Story while be updated infrequently as I have school and other engagements. Also as english isn't my first language expect some spelling errors. Also the main plot is narrated by Wei Ruyi but the epilogues and side story chapters after the main plots ending will have other narrators.

Lazuli_Madden · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

Dark vendetta

Onome Amadi is an Ex SARS commandant who after losing his wife to cervical cancer retires to take care of their 8year old daughter but things go south when she and her schoolmates kidnapped on a school field trip. Driven by the promise he made to his late wife to always protect their daughter he goes down the dark lonely path of vengeance

spectrex · War&Military
Not enough ratings