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Reincarnated Inside (RPG GAME) With Modification System

Note: The cover was made through PitzMaker app:) In a place where powerful cultivators exist, mythical beasts and magical items are all over the continent. A young man was transmigrated after he died in a car accident. He was now the son of an ordinary farmer of a Village, but still, he made every effort to achieved his ultimate goal. With his MODIFICATION SYSTEM, he was able to go beyond everyone else. ______________________________________________ WHO WAS THE STRONGEST MC? ⁉️ Are those who cultivated the demonic path?⁉️ Are those who returned time? ⁉️ Well with all your respect the strongest Mc was those who have a system, and when your MC has the most OP system of all, I am sure you will enjoy watching him the most. ✔️ ✈️✈️✈️Embark now to the journey of a young man who possesses the strongest system of all - MODIFICATION SYSTEM. Give him a rusty sword and he can modify it to become the strongest sword. ⚔ Give him the weakest person and he can modify him to become one of the strongest cultivators in the world. ✔️ Read the most logical and most powerful system of all!✔️ I will be posting this at RoyalRoad

Zanzo99 · Fantasy