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Terra Nostra

His life wasn't pleasant. He keep trying it, but it wasn't enough. Nobody was there for him to rely on. He give up. A God give him another chance. A test for himself to try seeing what he really worth. Would he shine? Would he find his way? In a world where there's no hope, where injustice lay in every corner, he will make a place for those in despair. Join the journey of a doomer in an sword and fantasy world. See through his eyes what lay beneath the fantasy. Find what would happen if a normal human were to appear in a hostile world. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My first novel writing on English, Spanish is my first language so you could expect grammar errors. This novel will belong to a multiverse work, expect a lot of lore chapters as it would lay foundation for future novels. ----------- I don't own the cover image, all rights reserved to it's author.

Xerstoren · Fantasy
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Here comes Mr. Martin and other reflections

This is a collection of short stories that invite you to think about various topics the invitation is open since wisdom is for everyone. the rest is left to you

kzerpagastelo · Realistic Fiction
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Various universes, various females.

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Muddydeer777 · Fantasy
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