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My Undying Dreams

Have you ever had a Lucid Dream? What does it feel like? Have you ever tried communicating with someone in there? Have you ever dreamt the same dream just continuing the thing you left the last time you woke up? What if it was not a Dream? What if you died inside that place and never came back? How are you going to deal with the fact that you were not ready to know that fact? Are you ready to deal with the destiny that you were forced to be in? Will it help you go on with your life? Can it help you face the Reality? What if the "Reality" you're in is not the "Real Reality"? Are these questions can be answered as clearly as it can be? Can we escape from this world full of questions? "The answers lie within our hearts. Just waiting for the door to be opened."

Penpai_Mandaya ยท Fantasy
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