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Timeless Reminisce

Under the night sky, filled with wonders; delightful and dazzling stars in beautiful sparkling lights and colours amidst the mesmerizing moon. It sure is really a great scenery from the individual hedgehogs' perspective, what a breathtaking view. The starts lighting up the sky was glowing in a fascinating and satisfying way, enveloping it as gently as the irregularly beautiful night sky, one that doesn't appear often and frequently. It sort of represents the hopes of everyone in this rough, ruthless, and sorrowful world we call reality; where we live in. They can't protest, they wouldn't protest, it was definitely an incredibly breathtaking view. The amount of determination and resolution in their eyes can't really be put into words too deeply and greatly; thoroughly. Let's say they were delighted by the pleasant view up on the rooftop. "T-..The moon's beautiful tonight, isn't it?" Amy mumbled, like a soft and quiet but pleasant melody to the ears. She stammered, asking him a very simplistic question so suddenly and randomly without any signs of warning. It would go as far as to disrupting and ruining the quiet atmosphere on the rooftop near-the-night-sky. She looked rather scared and frightened, shy with a uncertain feeling of unease piling up and swelling inside her; but she still kept a smile on her face. It was perplexed-looking, can't tell what's on her mind but she was sweating; a lot, actually. But it's now or never. "Ah. Yeah," Sonic exclaimed, preceded by a sudden and uncertain flinching in his movements. While that was happening, his eyes gained back colors of life; showing a sign of him snapping out of his long, deep, and concentrative spacing out. "You're right, it is." Sonic fixed back his position, returning back into a relaxed and comfortable state of position. He began to look at Amy, staring and stargazing into her eyes as if it was a diamond dazzling in beautiful colors enhanced by the night's cold and breezy atmosphere. Fixated and focused on her, light blushes grew and formed on his face unconsciously. He shook his head away in an instant right before his light blushes would be noticeable, calming and toning down the blushes until it was gone. After a quiet moment, he lifts his head up and positioned himself in a more relaxed and comfortable way to look and stare at the sky. The moon was so mesmerizing and beautiful, he couldn't look away even for a second. He didn't know this one thing, yes, but from Amy's point of view; the moon made his eyes mesmerize in dazzling-beautiful lights and colours, as if his eyes truly had legitimate star-shaped irises.

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