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A princess is forced into hiding when her own brother kills their parents and forcibly takes over the throne. In order to save her country, she had 2 options: Marry the powerful king from another kingdom or seek out the elusive vampire-witch to become the strongest vampire-sorceress! The question is: Why not both? But is taking back the kingdom all she needs to do?

AerialClove · Fantasy Romance

The Accidental Witch

What will you do when your normal life turns into a fantasy adventure where all the things you knew before seem to be only a scratch of a well-hidden society?

HealingUnicorn · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

MOONLIGHT (Finding kingdom of Lucas)

Year 1240 King Lucas waiting for his queen in the castle , his kingdom is burning outside because of war between the normal humans and vampires. So many vampires and humans fighting eachother and dying everywhere . After the queen Bertha gave something to king Lucas she says" be careful with this and take this safe" so king Lucas takes his horse and went to meet his best friend Nicholas far way from his kingdom. That was small village, after reaching that village he saw his friend and gave that and Nicholas opened and seeing whats that and shocked Because that was baby boy. His name is Lousian, the last prince of vampire....                         *****

miyasowk · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Blood Wars

Alyssa Jefferson has her life as a vampire hunter pretty much figured out. See a vampire and kill it, no questions asked. But after she reads an enchanted book about vampires written by a long dead relative that leaves her scarred her life changes in ways she never expected. Then, she meets a mysterious vampire named Derek, and everything she ever thought she knew changes when she realizes that the people closest to her could be more dangerous than the vampires she's been trained to kill. When family becomes the enemy and the enemies become strange new allies Alyssa's world turns upside down and she has to figure out a way to navigate new alliances and even a new romance that she had never planned on. Can Alyssa and Derek learn to work together? Or will the secrets they each carry tear both of their worlds apart?

nevans91793 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Vampire Illusion

"I could never find an explanation for what or who I really am ...." " I asked myself about thousand times but I found nothing but one .."A VAMPIRE " .." " I know my obsession has turned my life to a circle of illusions that I can't even pass it or separate between it and reality " " Moving on with my life wasn't easy , but also , I felt relieved somehow .....but they never stop haunting me , those illusions of mine or are they really just nightmares " . " so I had to wait and see , until I found it . ...I'm not a human but also ...not a vampire!? " "Then what am I ?? " Something more and bigger then just a normal vampire or a human being. Our girl name is "jane" . she loved being strong and untouchable , and her life was a series of nightmares and "fake illusions" or at least that's what she call them . she thought that being a human means weakness . and because of growing up on watching and reading only about vampires , she wanted to be as strong and beautiful as THEM , but what will happen if she is already a vampire by roots but more ?? She only needed some time to discover her truly self .

NIA_SOUL · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings