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The outcast and her bounty hunter

Selene is a young half-werewolf, she is the daughter of the alpha and vampire queen. she has been living in a kingdom where the vampires and werewolves have been at war for the better part of a thousand years. Selene soon finds out that she is the key to peace in the kingdom, but she is soon kidnapped by a charming bounty hunter who intends to sell her to the highest bidder. when he finds himself falling in love with her his heart and his allegiances start to change

sandra_Alward · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Next Blood Moon

What happens when a prophecy is seen by a great seer where the most powerful werewolf and vampire will have to face off before the next blood moon is seen or else all vampires and werewolves will be erased from existence

Toby_Jordan · War&Military
Not enough ratings