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Vampire Diaries: The Werewolf's Wife

The day I was defeated and died in a battle, I knew that I don't have the prestige to see the sun again. I've ratified my fate until I woke up in the middle of the woods. Realizing that I've transmigrated into the body of a Female Vampire named Thalia Hackensen. Until I've met a werewolf, under the moonlight and owned me as his wife. "You are the werewolf's wife, Thalia. You are mine and no one can steal you from me!" He said until his soft lips touched against mine. Settings: Fantasy World of Vampires and Werewolves Empire Genre: Fantasy Romance Pace: Slow Burn (If Grammar is terrible then leave! I am not writing to please everyone and trying hard to be perfect. Back off disclaimer/s). Artwork: DevianArt If you have queries, you can ping me on Discord, Maryixxx#4838! Instagram: mariposa.ry or Maryland PS: Don't forget to read Rise of Princess Alice's Kingdom: Zombie Apocalypse! Thank you butterflies!

Maryixxx ยท Fantasy Romance