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Vampire’s Ransom

Alice is a highschool student who is new to a small town named Warlington which is full of secrets. The town has been inhabited by vampires and supernatural creatures for a long time, over ten thousands years ago. But only few people know these deep secrets of creatures running around town. Cullen, Hawaii, Amiya and Nina who are a group of four close best friends welcome Alice as a new student but all of them have secrets to hide. Hawaii and Nina are vampires, Cullen is a werewolf and Amiya a descendant of very powerful witches from Salem. Whilst their intentions may seem harmless, all four of these friends need something from Alice. She is the key to waking up a very powerful creature who was buried a long time a go. But their intentions go astray when other vampires start luring into town in search of Alice. And what was once a quiet and peaceful town, resurrect into it's former self.

Ami_Young · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings