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The Game Night; A Night To Remember

*** Two weeks that's all it took, that's how long it took for my life to take a drastic turn... It all started with a stupid game, named "just say yes." Who would have thought playing a stupid game could lead one's life into jeopardy... How my life took a turn for the worst was still beyond my understanding... Maybe, just maybe if I had stayed back home that night, then this story would have been a different one, or maybe there wouldn't have been any story to be told. But I didn't, I went out, I did not just out but to the club. A club that harbored nothing but those we're meant to stay away from. I didn't just go to a club that I was meant to stay away from, but I also played a game, but it didn't stop at that I also signed a damn contract that made my life do a 180-degree turn. ******* okay so I'm terrible at writing a synopsis but I hope this is good enough... I've been wanting to write a vampire genre but I actually started this one for the #WSA... I'd really appreciate your support guys without you I wouldn't be able to get anywhere... #warnings... This book is a slow burn, and the MC might make some decisions that you might not agree with but you have to be patient with her as she would grow with time... things won't always be like sleeping on beds of roses so I'd advise you look elsewhere I'd advise you to look elsewhere... but in case you decide to stay and read I love you and thank you for your support.

Xeeraaruwa ยท Fantasy Romance