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Living in a Fairytale World

You heard of them in fairytales. Usually parents used it as bed te stories to tell to their kids and some is used to make movies. They were supposed to be just fairytales. They were believed to be. That was, until they were somehow exposed and the biggest war in all of history broke out. It had the most death casualties on both sides. Bit eventually, they won. Now, the world today is ruled by them. Humans live by their laws, and some if punishable by death. Humans feared them. Hated them. Though, no actions seemed to be taken, as humans are much weaker than they are. Ever were. Hunters still exist, bit are rear these days. Peoples fear of the two Royal Families were bigger then their want to kill them. They were known as The Supernaturals.

Crazy_Demon ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings