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Tempest of the Conjurer

Orion Trudger is a common college student at University. He is living in an apartment, has some nice friends, has a decent-paying job at restaurants where he enjoys working till late at night to get money to pay all of his bills. But one fateful night, he accidentally discovers that the world is not the same as he used to think, when he finds out his friendly, drunk landlord is a Vampire. Things don't help him much when he pokes his head more inside this invisible curtain separating the Hidden world. He finds out that not only Gods exist but other things like Mages, Conjurers, Werewolves, Demons, Dragons, etc. But his Excitement of discovering the Hidden world soon turns into horror when he realizes that All of these supernatural are now on the hunt to kill him. Well, not All as it seems. He became 'Wanted Man' in the magical community, the day he discovered that it exists in reality, not some myth. Reasons he doesn't know, he is suddenly running for his life and somehow finds himself in the Land of Tokyo. His good wishers or what he thinks them as wants him to start his new life there but looks like Hunt is still on. Follow Orion Trudger on his journey through discovering and embracing the Hidden world. He is normal who accidentally discovered this hidden world or did he? Follow him as he earns the Title of the Tempest in the Magic World where for some reason everyone wants to kill him. P.S- Happy Reading...... P.P.S- The cover art is not mine, if you are not happy with it then you can contact me through comments or review. I will take it down immediately.

Copper_mask · Magical Realism

Uniting The Species

This book is set in a world not so different from ours, the only difference being that there are no cell phones and the internet, only mail sent the old fashioned way. In this world, supernaturals do exist but have been hidden from humanity since the beginning. The supernaturals all together have only one law, and that law is that no supernatural species can unite with the other to prevent hybrids and more power. A great war between supernaturals and humans happened a few centuries back. A man named Gustav wanted to unite the species but a coven of all-powerful witches did not let that happen and stopped him. But before they stopped him, he exposed all the supernaturals to humans. The humans found ways to protect themselves and lock some of the supernaturals away and conduct experiments on them and whatnot. Since the witches stopped Gustav and the humans from doing any more damage, things have been quiet. Until now. This is copyrighted. All rights reserved. Feel free to leave a comment, a review, or any advice. Hope you enjoy my story.

DoraDorci_21 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings