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Broken & Fragmented

Imagine waking up in a town where you know nothing and no one. Will you make friends or try to keep to yourself? And what if this beautiful town has a dark side? Follow the MC to find out all the secrets behind this strange town. Maybe with your help, he will survive.

SleepySloth00 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Telekinetica - Gastón J. Oviedo (English version)

Some strange attacks alter the peace of a prosperous, highly developed society that reached high standards of life thanks to the help of a divine being who lives among them. Everyone wonders why this violence, considering that they don't suffer from the scourges of other civilizations, such as famine, plagues or social conflicts. But one of them will discover that nothing is as simple as it seems, and that appearances are as fragile as life and death. Cover by @grifoneartes

GastonOviedo · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

The Battle: Stay Alive

When the government that was suppose to help us keep in order suddenly crashes down, the people start to panic, not knowing what to do. Fear strikes everyone and the beloved rulers around the world start to fall one by one. Their government crumbling down with them. As if that was the only problem, many people have been affected by the Unkown a diease that was created to show the people whose really boss. Society is always changing but its gotten worse in these last few years. Freedom is no longer a concept in this new world now you have three options. Option 1: Join the side of evil and fight this war on their side mostly to come out alive. Option 2 :Join the side of good and for the best. Option 3 : Ignore your summon and face the ultimate price. Death. As the bloody bastards gang up on the helpless people that are left, one thing remains unknown. How will this battle end?

rocky_rock_7973 · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings