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God's eyes wielder is an idiot

what happens if you give a legendary ability to an idiot find out in the tale of the vixen thief... In this world.. nobody is weak, everybody have spacial skills, even the skinny bone, even the fat ones. it depends on what their good at nobody is weak. BUT this world is based on four organisations Combined to two groups, the shadows, and the martial artists,the power of law and inforecment the government and the last. the modern revalutions, all of them are rulers of the world, but only the better one is the one who can be called a ruler of this world. the shadows wants to become stronger so they joined forces with the modern revalutions both are strong together, stealth and modern weapons known as shadow weapons. the martial artists is struggling by their own, so they joined forces with the government to push back the shadows, with the power of the governments number and strength, and the martial artists technique they will be a worthy enemy to the shadows. because of both teams the world is ruled by rivalry of who is better. the shadows wanted to make the world evolve while the martial artists want to bring honour to the world. both disagreed and will fight for what's right to them but there is people who suffers from their actions and grows in silent to destroy... the shadows created a new project that will help eliminate the martial artists. THE ZODIAC project all was successful but one the pisces project was a fail because of that project the martial artists found out what they have created and used it against them and martial artists learned how to create a powerful technique to absorb aura know as aura essence with the project of the shadows and the martial artists new techniques they both clashed at war till this day. in the side line one scientist tries over and over to recreate project pisces but did not really know what is it really for this project will save both the world and the people but if the project is made by a mad man the world is doomed but only one can save the world from rivalry and it's a dumb boy who is currently overweight and has a eye that can learn anything but in anything he is trash and absolutely usless till the end but he will save the world with his little Guinness crew and find out how sazo Jin will become the vixen vole know for as the [fox theif]

obie_20 ยท Martial Arts
Not enough ratings