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I Have Hundreds of Millions of Full-level Accounts at the Beginning

A mysterious game “Myth” descends on the earth, from which humans can obtain various techniques and abilities, and various magic weapons of heaven and earth are brought into reality. Since then, mankind has entered a new era. With his omniscience and omnipotence for future generations, he has purchased hundreds of millions of full-level accounts in advance when others are exhausted. PS: This novel is not mine the author of this novel is Tomato tomatoes and i'm just share somthing good

FreeWorldFake · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

Conditional Love

a woman just returned to Shanghai, after having disappeared for years, to ask her two best friends to help hold a wedding for her and a surprising broom. Along with the preparations unfolded, secrets of love, loss, pain, in the past and now, wiped all the participants and pushed them to an unexpected, chaotic, monsoon, wedding day.

EvanPearl · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings