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Pandora Odyssey: Another World, Another Life!

In the world filled with Dragons, Magic, and Unknown creatures, -- ''I was given another life in an uncharted world!" This story will take place of a boy, who is an ordinary man with no extraordinary talent yet he is a NEET. (He have a talent but he didn't see it clearly) *************** One day in the past, he met a girl named Hannah Suzuki, who confess to him, and the girl disappeared out of nowhere. *************** Many years had come by, he realizes maybe the girl is just a part of his imagination or she was real? Until he decided to investigate the untouched room in their high school. For many hours of thinking and searching for possible clues or holes to her mysterious disappearance. He himself stumbles upon a necklace that supposedly Hannah's personal belongings yet to his surprise the item glow and makes him dizzy for quite some time. On the way to his room, his body suddenly collapses and his soul was forcibly transmigrated into another world of a boy named Ares. What will he do after he finds out that his situation is not a joke at all or a dream? Maybe it has a connection with Hannah's disappearance or this is just an illusion? Will he panic? Or just get along with it? Find out what our main protagonist will do! (You can skip the prologue if you want) [I'm sorry in advance about some grammatical errors. This my very first novel and yet English is not my first language but I hope everyone will understand.]

Arc_Valkyria ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings