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Redeeming the Sins of Xu Rouguang [BL]

Redeeming the Sins of Xu Rouguang [BL]

"Even if the heavens tear us apart, I will find you... no matter how long or how painful it takes." His mother's favorite story was about an ox-cart man who kept on meeting and losing his weaver wife, like the story of stars high up in the night sky. Now, he was bound to live by it. However, what if he had forgotten? What if his lost wife's craving for him turned into an obsession, soon trascending into a thirst for murder? Like any other demons cursed by the goddess, Emodao was now living as Lai Mingjie, the heir to city's biggest business tycoons. In his life of comfort existed a thirty-year curse which stopped him from livng life to the fullest. On one of his morning trips, he met a man with no memories, who seemed to have recognized him vaguely. No one knew him; neither was he aware of where and when he stood in the course of history. However, as if Nuwa had played games with Lai Mingjie, the man without memory was someone he would never forget. His executioner, General Xu Rouguang. Itching to exact revenge, he needed Xu Rouguang to remember who he was and what he did. Lai Mingjie was now forced to help the man who robbed him of his glorious life... and probably discover what he had taken from that man first. A tragic story uncovered by regaining memories of the past while redeeming the lost wife's sins hindering their future. [Disclaimer and Warnings:] This story is a work of fiction, and similarities to any living or dead person are purely coincidental. May contain triggers. Chapters will become locked when you reach Chapter 68. Please don't tell me you weren't warned. Updated daily at 0900 GMT+8! We now have a discord server: https://discord.gg/yP5AVWc Follow me on IG @droopdroopghost and on Twitter @anakoulove Cover art is by cfleckeri (twitter and instagram)

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