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After Pretending To Lose All My Money, I Learn Of Human's True Nature

When Jiang Feng’s family mansion was forced to get demolished by the government for development, he was compensated with ten million. The moment he received the money, a system appeared. [Ding! Congratulations on activating the Divine-grade Choice System] Choice 1: Show off your ten million. Allow your relatives to mooch off you and send expensive wedding gifts to your girlfriend. Reward: Title – Good Person. Choice 2: Invest everything in Bitcoin for huge profits in the future. Reward: One hundred million. (One-time deal) Jiang Feng didn’t even hesitate to choose the second choice. He invested everything in Bitcoin and made a hundred million. However, he posted a different story online. “I lost everything in cryptocurrency. I’ll have to start all over again.” The moment the post went online, all sorts of demons and devils appeared. From that day onwards, Jiang Feng finally saw the true nature of humans.

Super Wealthy · Magical Realism

The King's Avatar

In the online game Glory, Ye Xiu is regarded as a textbook and a top-tier pro-player. However, due to a myriad reasons, he is kicked from the team. After leaving the professional scene, he finds work in an Internet Cafe as a manager. When Glory launches its tenth server, he who possesses ten years of gaming experience once again throws himself into the game. Bringing with him the memories of his past and an incomplete, self-made weapon, his return along the road to the summit begins! After fighting and scheming, who snatched away my glory? Under the tossing of the wind and rain, my dreams shall still appear as though they had never been shattered. In all its splendor, the path shall never be lost. Before the gazes of millions, this is where I return!

Butterfly Blue · Video Games

500th Time Reborn, A World Only Known By Women: The Karma System

Galio, valiant reincarnate, is on his last life before he is allowed to take the hand of the beautiful Goddess, Tallia. Four hundred and ninety-nine lives worth of knowledge is given to him as a reward, along with the world he reincarnates to. A world only known by women, where the concept of man had never existed, and the world is made up of twelve islands holding twelve primary races. These women have never known childbirth, periods, or the leer of a man. Galio will enter this world filled with wonders that only men would ever dream about, but he has no memories. He will have to make his way, helping some along the way to help grow his Karma System. Get ready for an R-rated journey of epic proportions and women of all shapes, races, breeds, and sizes! From Angels that moan heavenly melodies to the nine-foot-tall Amazons with weaves between their legs, and so much more! The Seggs is slow at first, but there will be lots mixed in with the story! The Human island with be full of colorful characters The Dwarf island, things are going to get short, I mean weird Then the Amazons will need to be dominated Then the Catfolk cuddled Then Dogfolk treated like... dogs Then Elves will need some bdsm Then Golems will need to be broken Then Vampires need to be cum blasted Then Orcs challenged in sexual Olympics Then faires will get popcicled Then Dragon will get their holes filled with a new fire And finally Angels will need to be cream filled!

Magic_ · Fantasy

Hypnotizing my Teacher

Debbie finds herself doing everything her student Johnny wants her to do.

HypnoGuy · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

Gourmet Food Supplier

In a remote oriental country, there is a small and odd restaurant that has refused the three-star rating by the Michelin Guide several times. “The price is fairly expensive over there, 288RMB for a set meal of Egg Fried Rice and a bowl of soup. Ah, and an extra small plate of pickled vegetables as well. Even so, there are still a long line of people queuing up and waiting for a taste. Reservations are not accepted there, only waiting and queuing personally is allowed. “Numerous people fly there on their private planes just to queue up. Furthermore, parking bays and parking spots are not provided there. The service is terrible here. Customers have to clear the tableware themselves and wipe the table as well. For god’s sake, the boss is literally crazy.” ---Michelin Guide ----- Release Rate: 5 Chapters/Week; will be released on Mon, Wed, Fri and Weekend;

Cat Who Cooks · Magical Realism

Library of Heaven's Path

Traversing into another world, Zhang Xuan finds himself becoming an honorable teacher. Along with his transcension, a mysterious library appears in his mind. As long as it is something he has seen, regardless of whether it is a human or an object, a book on its weaknesses will be automatically compiled in the library. Thus, he becomes formidable. "Monarch Zhuoyang, why do you detest wearing your underwear so much? As an emperor, can't you pay a little more attention to your image?" "Fairy Linglong, you can always look for me if you find yourself unable to sleep at night. I am skilled in lullabies!" "And you, Demon Monarch Qiankun! Can you cut down on the garlic? Are you trying to kill me with that stench?" This is an incredible story about teachers and students, grooming and guiding the greatest experts in the world! Discord Chat Group: https://discord.gg/ATHVehx

Heng Sao Tian Ya · Eastern Fantasy

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

“Even if this universe is truly nothing more than a brutal, bloody, shadowy forest, we Cultivators will burn all that we have just to give off a single weak flickering spark in the darkness! “No matter how weak each spark is, how short-lived, how small… As long as the sparks flow unabated, then one day one of those sparks will light some tinder, and that tinder shall light some fallen branches, and those branches shall set ablaze each and every last tree of the forest! “In the end, even the smallest sparks will eventually set the shadowy forest ablaze and illuminate the whole world!” ------ ** Qidian International and the former translator, Mr. Strivon, have reached an agreement to buy out the chapters and host them on our site. We will be continuing the translation from the last chapter translated by Mr. Strivon **

The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow · Sci-fi

Pet King

1. Download a suspicious game 2. Catch a few magical pets as partners 3. Go through interesting daily routines and lead the pet shop to a whole new level

Jie Po · Magical Realism