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"Last Dying Wish"; Transcending Soulmates

"I wish to have an easy life, so I can finally live life as carefree and lazy as I can be!" { Wish will be granted after one condition, do you accept? YES/NO } Quirra thought to herself "How bad can the condition be?", before she decided to accept. "Yes" { CONGRATULATIONS! Your wish will be granted! Downloading ''Goldenfinger.Zip'' and ''Succubus.Zip''. } "Wait, WHAT!?" Quirra shouted as she could only watch as the two zip files download on the screen in front of her. "What the hell of a scam system is this!?" ~ Read to find out more about Quirra and her transmigrating life (^^;) Content Warning: this story has Mature R18+ scenes. including BxB, GxG, BBxG, GGxB and the like, pairings and erotic scenes :3 READ AT YOUR OWN RISK enjoy tho ~ XD (P.S This novel is an edited version of the original version that you can find on Wattpad ^^; Instead of editing the original ver. I decided to rewrite it here instead. )

JadeeyJones · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Various universes, various females.

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Muddydeer777 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings