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Hold My Hand, Don't Let Me Go

Hold My Hand, Don't Let Me Go

This is the story of Samantha Zhou, an antagonist that everyone hates. She became so blindly in love with her childhood sweetheart, Jonathan that when he found another girl to love, she did everything to ruin their relationship, and because of her careless actions, it costs her to lose everything. Like all villains, Samantha got a bad ending. But at the end of her life, Samantha woke up to the time where she just got married to Jonathan. The time where she can still change the bad future ahead of her. Would she be able to live out the miserable ending? Or would her heart who still loves Jonathan cloud her judgment once again? __________________________________________ "Why can't you just run away with me? I'll treat you so much better than your husband and I would never choose another woman over you." "You know I can't..." "You can, Samantha. Just let me." "I'm sorry"

starandsugar · Contemporary Romance
The Corrupted Soul

The Corrupted Soul

Dryad a powerful creatures living in the magical forest, they can shift a form of a tree or a human. They intend to give a divine justice to anyone who create a scenario in the forest. Or to anyone who harm their trees. They are pure and kind, but suddenly one Dryad became pure evil. It harms anyone who bothered to go to the magical forest where she lived. All the creatures living there turns to be all evil. No one can ever enter it or leave. And all of the Kingdom near the forest are terrified about it. They plan to raid the forest and kill the evil Dryad living on it, so it will bring peace to the world. But one Kingdom choose not to use any harm on fixing that problem, they find a way to enter that magical forest with the help of the other Dryad.

MINMIN · Fantasy
Not enough ratings