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Celestial System - Universe's Origin

Upon reaching come for age, Sophie, oldest daughter of the creators of the Zepta Universe – Michaela and Haddes uni-Zepta's – leaves for a trip towards the Celestial Star Academy – an academy that aims to train angels, princesses and princes to become new gods – with the aim of being the creator of a new universe, the Etta Universe. However, this will not be an easy dream to be achieved. With the help of your friends – Nathaniel e Lucy – she will give her all to face demons and monsters of different types to make your dream come true. => Warnings - The design of the characters and weapons were inspired by Sailor Moon; - The plot is being inspired by Boku no Hero Academy; - This story will start in a happy and happy way, but it will end in a somewhat violent way. You are warned; - My English is not the best, so I ask that if you see something wrong in my writing, let me know that I will correct it as soon as I can; - I will not update the story very often, I will post only 1 or 2 chapters per week; °· Now, grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy reading!!

tallie · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings