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The Leviathan: Malice's Return

The leviathan of Malice and his Deadly sins have emerged but he seems to be missing Envy and Wrath. Searching for these sins brings him to a likely match for his lost son and as luck would have it (whether good or bad) Ryker Itsuka holds the Divine Intervention of Wind Spear. The only Intervention that has no known mortal holders. Cover Art Credit: Wallpapertip.com Feel free to email me with questions or if hate mail is ur thing idk.

Frosty_Mo · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

13 Enigmas of Chaos

The 13 Enigmas of Chaos had been spread across the infinite ocean that is chaos as a sign of calamity, each one had the power to break apart all of creation. Maybe by chance or destiny, all the 13 pieces headed to the same universe. Is this the end? Or a new beginning? Decide! Because there won't be any second chances. (Chapter Releases: Every Saturday and Sunday)

StormEliteVII · Fantasy
Not enough ratings