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The Convergence Series - Sol

The Convergence Series - Sol

56 years ago, The Bounty appeared. It was a chance for the weak to rise above the strongest, for the suppressed to break through their shackles and for the evil to run rampant. As technology and science flourished, many people have fallen into the hand of death. One of those people is Sol’s father. This is the story of how Sol gains more power to avenge his father and finds that he is part of something more. -------------------------------------------------- The Bounty is a form of levelling where it does not give its user more power but allows its user to obtain and use different knowledge or items. For example, a swordsman's sword will evolve upon levelling or the welder can equip a new powerful sword once levelled up. This book is entangled with two other of the same universe. Follow this version of the story with Sol.

TheSilentDefender · Magical Realism
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