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It's Nothing

He died. Reincarnated to Another World. And then achieved great things. He died, again. Reincarnated back to where it all began. And shall rise to achieve great things once again. *** "Wow! How can you play the piano like that?!" "It's Nothing." "You scored perfect in all the exams?!" "It's Nothing." "I heard the campus beauty is smitten with you." "Campus beauty? Well, it's nothing. I even bed a Goddess once." *** ~People say nothing is impossible but I do nothing every day.~ -Main Character

Chymbee · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

Trouble maker: Causing and solving Problems of people on a different universe

He suffered from different life shattering events and fell into depravity. He was crazed by getting money and steal a lady's pouch. Unluckily, he was cornered by the law enforcers. Instead of turning back what he stoled, he draw his knife and rushed to stab a law enforcers but he was shot before he accomplished his plan. "Am I gonna die?" that is what he said to himself. When he opened his eyes, a new different world open up before him. Is this the heaven? that is the thought that entered his mind. |HELLO!| a girl with electronic voice suddenly talked inside his brain. Follow Clyde as he conquer this new world. To be the best is what he aimed. Alchemist? Blacksmith? Artificer? I can do it all!

I_Kicked_a_DRAGON · Fantasy
Not enough ratings