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Cool I got Super Powers and all, But I don't think I deserve them

Have you ever felt completely useless, undeserving of anything that normal people get? Have you ever loved yourself, thinking you're better than others and entitled to what you want? When you get powers, making you stronger than a lot of people: Do you use that for self-gain or for other's sake? Kenjiro Asukara is a boy who, against his own will, gets powers making his capabilities larger than your average person. But Kenjiro is a person who both hates and loves himself, he doesn't think he deserves a lot of things. Especially these new powers he's gotten. He quickly makes it his goal to transfer his powers onto someone who has the ability to help others, someone who deserves them. But he gets dragged into a club of power users, and now has to find a way out. Join Kenjiro on his reluctant journey to rid himself of the undeserved powers.

Orange_Omega ยท Magical Realism
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