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Project: Shadow Genesis

Project: Shadow Genesis

Nicolas was a genius young scientist. He specialized in physics. So what was he studying? Superpowers. He was using his expertise and knowledge to conduct an extensive study on the possibility of superpowers. Psychic powers to be exact. Just as he was in the middle of abandoning his laboratory and taking his research with him, some of his equipment detected strange readings. Everything after that was blank. As he floated through the rift, his consciousness merged with some of his counterparts. Oceans of knowledge merged. Then, something else attached itself to him. When he awoke, he was in a younger version of himself, in an alternate version of earth, with massive libraries of knowledge he never studied stuck in his head, and a partner he never expected to have. ~~~~~~~~~ "This is really interesting, I wonder just how far I can go in this world. I think I just determined what my newest 'Project' will be." ~~~~~~~~~ [The cover is not mine although I did edit it for my purposes. A large part of Vol 1. will be world-building.]

RDSSK · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings