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Reincarnated as a god with a system that has infinite points and money

George was a kind yet an unlucky person. His parents died when he was just 3 years old. He was the only one alive and was shifted to an orphanage, where he lived a lonely life for a long time. When he became an adult, he could not find a good job and led an uncomfortable life. But even after all his suffering, he always helped any person in need. But one day, he encountered a fateful event that would change his life completely. ---------------------------- Warning - The MC in this book will become way too strong from weak and the book might be going a bit too fast. For people who like slow-paced books, this might not be your cup of tea. ---------------------------- If you like the book, please vote ^_~ ---------------------------- This picture is not mine. If the artist of this picture wants me to take it down, please send a message My email - paragonexistence72@gmail.com

Paragon_Existence ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings