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Splash! The Sea and the CEO

Simonne Ainsley is a newly hired secretary of CEO Adiel Hisashi, owner of the Hisashi Co. which is the third-largest company in Asia. Their story started off with Simonne constantly backstabbing his ice-cold boss whenever she finds his attitude intolerable. But her view of her boss changed when she wandered through a forbidden place and saw the true colors of Adiel Hisashi. - the pic used in the book cover ain't mine credits to the rightful owner/s

xPLEA · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

ERMALBE An Exquisite Scape #HrtlezSeries

PSYCHE HRTLEZ one of the Asian's top Successful Woman in business industry, an Angel to everyone's eyes. Everyone would say she's well prepared for future already until Mr. Godwill who sees her as Evil than being an Angel came in the picture with her scheduled lifetime punishment. "Let's talk, I don't want this!" "Psyche what again? Oh wait, should I call you wifey? Honey? My lovely wife? Cuz you killed her and now you're already her, which what you really wanted all this time..." "No you're wrong, alright why not just put me in jail, I'll accept my destiny there" "Can't you understand? Alright I'll tell you, your life is the payment of what you did. And you have to be responsible on it, Because you can no longer escape from it, Psyche, put that in your mind... " What now? He would never listen to her, he'll always impose the same thing. Will she already face it instead of thinking? And most of all what if she find out someday that her own destiny actually deceived her? Will she still keep on going? Will she still live? Or leave?

SenyoritaAmazona · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings