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She love but got betrayed... She love but got cheated... Her heart is whole yet heartbroken... She promise that she will gave her grandfather a life full of happiness. She promise that she will make those who left them regret! It was not revenge that urge her to live. It was happiness! Revenge? Nah. I'll kill them with success! Will Min Ju still say the same if her enemies make their move? You knew that isn't the case. Her choices will change for good or for worst... Whatever her choices may be. Qing Wu Yao will stay by her side and her family will support her behind her back. Achieving success wasn't an easy task. There are some outside force that was trying to bring her down. The jealousy of a woman. The anger of a powerful man who hold a card that might bring Min Ju to ruin. Things that was lost will came back. And things that was already there will be lost. Many things happenened that change her strategy. She planned not to raise her hand but she was force to by her enemies. At last, Min Ju never thought that she'll pull the trigger to end everything. [Disclaimer: The cover is not mine. Credits to the wonderful owner] - - - Sneek Peek: "Are you in love with me?" "What if I say yes? Would you let me enter your life?" "Prove me that you're worthy." #2 "What do you think about my granddaughter?" "She was very talented. But what I like the most about her is her smile. Everytime I look at her, I fall in love at every sight."

SEVEN · Contemporary Romance

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lurkinshadow · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings