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innocent love of a deadly gangster

Jessica lost her mother and her father brought home his mistress. With no other option, she went abroad. But she returns, this time stronger and eager to know the truth of her mother's death. She meets her father and is asked to marry the leading industrialist in the country, Steve Smith. To humiliate her father she runs away but is caught by her would-be-husband. He asks her to marry him in return of giving her the truth about her mother's death and she agrees. Steve thinks that the girl is just as innocent as a flower, but he is wrong, Jessica is just testing him whether he lives up to his title as the 'second most wanted gangster' in the underworld. While they both in love with each other their secrets about the underworld disturb their life. Will they be able to fight back and not just go with the flow? Well, this going to be hard...

Mr_Icy ยท Romance
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