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In the vast violent world of Naim where wars, feuds and cruelty are all common. Bleiz and a voice in the dark infiltrate the Guild as part of their subsequent plan. One of their main goals is to discover the knowledge hidden inside the Guild's library however, when Bleiz finds this knowledge, he decides to keep it for himself, for all his questions that were left unanswered. Bleiz also fakes his identity and becomes part of a Guild squad along with the two polar opposite cousins of the Vincent clan, Cris and Craven Vincent. The valiant heir to the Jin clan Ivan jin. A pseudo technology expert, Tyler. The Fierce "Blue fire" princess of the Raven clan Mary Raven and her two best friends, Scarlet of the mist and Mary Lunar. Together they learn what it's like to serve the Guild, go through hardships, face epic challenges, clash with arch enemies and unravel truths about reality.

VarianceJordan ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings