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Facing Into The Sky

This is an anthology series that will tell you many stories. Vol 1: Falling With You

Oemar_danoes · Realistic Fiction

Superwoman’s Greater Love

Khyzer Ryjille is from the wealthy clan of Tahnford. A sixteen-year-old young man who experienced a traumatic and tragic childhood. Witnessing the last breathe of a woman who became a very significant person. Losing a great hero he had never cherished until she's gone. A young man who has a tragic past. A past that he couldn't let go of, and as years passed by, his past made him the coldest and the most emotionless young man you could ever imagine him to be. Ryjille was once a dreamer. When he's still a boy, he always dreamed of becoming a hero who would build a new version of Justice League. He wanted to be as strong and courageous as Superman, he wanted to protect and save every person who needed a great hero. Until one day, he decided to become the boy he had always wanted to be. He saved three girls who got chased by a dog and he got bitten because of choosing to be a hero. He didn't know that by simply saving those girls from a dog would be the greatest reason of the greatest change of his life. That day, he met three sisters having distinct but different personalities who were living a life opposite of his. Luzcien Notalia, the youngest, the one who has sweet and cold personality. Ryjille treated her as his own little sister. Louxille Nitzannah, the one who has fierce and soft personality. Ryjille had a crush on her since the day they have met so she became his closest and best friend among the three. Lastly, Ryjille thought that this girl had the most common personality among them, and the girl's coincidentally almost one day younger than him but she’s already the eldest among her sisters. The girl is Laiyoneis Nerida. A hero is a tough choice of dream. It carries huge responsibilities, it's about sacrifices, about putting others first before yourself. Fulfilling dreams, common or great, will never be so easy, especially when there are hindrances. But, Laiyoneis believes that it’s an important part of God’s plan in every single person’s life. It's the part when your trust and faith in the Lord will be tested by the challenges and problems that would came into your life. It’s when you will realize that you need God in your life as your greatest source of strength and courage. The moment that you will thought about God’s will in your life. The time when you’re going to surrender your life to God. Laiyoneis is a girl whose full of wisdom and she strongly believed in God. She was admired by her friends and co-leagues because of that. As one of the aspiring members of the new Justice League, Laiyoneis was the first one to understood the huge responsibility of a hero. She was named as Superwoman later on and became the strength and courage of their squad. Ryjille was actually the least person who are really close to Laiyoneis. They were like always together but at the same time, so far from each other. Ryjille actually didn’t care about the boundary between them. Until he finally realized how precious she really was, not just as his co-league but also a precious superwoman of his life. Laiyoneis became the real hero. The great hero who sacrificed herself to keep Ryjille alive. Back then, the same date when they met each other were also the same date by next year when fate parted them from each other. February 14, 2020. Eight years had passed since the Justice League met it’s downfall when it’s greatest foundation had fallen. The bond between the members, the memories they had created, and the friendship they had started was left in the past with the ashes of the greatest hero in their lives. But as their journey continues as superheroes, would they still have courage if the person who showed the meaning of courage to each and one of them was already dead? Would they decide to continue the fight and find justice? Would there be someone who could be Laiyoneis Nerida? Would somebody faithfully wait for this one person who could replace the wonderful Superwoman's great love?

SilverKeyth · Teen
Not enough ratings