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The Path To Greatness: Book 1

Yang Sakae, the youngest beloved daughter of the Emperor Yang of Dewei Dynasty, was a simple fair-looking maiden. At the legal marriage age of 16, her family excitedly invited over her fiancée that was arranged since her birth by both family elders. However, her fiancée admittedly rejected her at their first meeting after years and requested for their marriage to be annual. Everyone freaked out while Princess Sakae remained unaffected, to be honest she already thought this would happen. Her maids heard rumors that her fiancée broke his vow of chastity already with another woman. While the Emperor raged on, the Princess continued her say as any other. She wasn’t bothered that her fiancée just embarrassed her in front of hundreds or the fact that a strange man kept visiting her chambers at nighttime. She just wanted to continue her single life unnoticed but being a Princess never helped with that. So with the help of her maids, she ran away with a couple of silver taels. This book is about her journey.

TheInsaneWitch · Fantasy
Not enough ratings