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Tylingariea Legends and Lore of the Multiverse

Tylingariea Legends and Lore of the Multiverse

This book contains the legends of the Tylingariea Multiverse and more of the Lore it can be read seplety from the Tylingariea Epic. The Multiverse has been alive for thousands of Eons, having been birthed by the Spark of Life with was forged from the soul of the Last child of Ai'vara. the spark of life brought the Multiverse into being creating events such as the Elder Lords War, a war bettewn powerful beings who contorled time and space waged war on the Over Gods for domion of Tylingarieas Overworld and Underhell. to Legends such as The Story of Kar Ti'vea the son of a poor farmhand until he is told that he is actaly of Overgod origins what follows is a series of events that will change his life on his way to becoming a god. and there will be our legends, myths and Lore in this book.

Brandongould94 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings