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Finding Ourselves

Finding Ourselves

Joel Mitchelson, who left school after 6th grade to undergo HRT treatments, finally returns for her final year of high school. Her parent's acquiesced to all her requests after she identified herself as female in third grade. Now known as Joy, she kept it a secret from all of her friends growing up about it in fear of being disdained and ostracized. She's finally built her courage to experience her last year of High School with her peers before going off to college with her new identity. Enter Iris Monroe, who was best friends and grew up with and secretly loved Joy, then Joel, but became depressed and lashed out at herself and family because of her disappearance. She started drinking and smoking, among other things. But there was a hand reaching out to her to save her when Joy showed back up in her life. Now that these two have met one another once again can these two save each other from their own shadows. ------------- Cover photo credited to Pepe Reyes. If creator doesn't want it used here, then let me know.

wafflz1988 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings