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Sky Dynasty

Just a comedic story about a overpowered loser trying his best to protect his kingdom~ Zero Sky, formerly known as Ye Wuchen, is a fat and ugly orphan raised by the biggest family in China. He was beaten and verbally bullied throughout his life and after his seventeenth birthday he had enough! He ran away and lived in a small abandoned house surviving off of packaged food he bought with the small amount of money he had taken. One day, a message appeared before him. "Earth is under threat against a galactic force that would wipe out all humanity, so we created the Promised Lands so that you can survive. Before the threat appears, start making your destiny within the Promised Lands and become something great." Ye Wuchen saw the message and was scared for his life, i mean come on! A alien threat that could wipe out humanity? And what's up with starting a new life! "Do you want to be a Lord or an Adventurer?" Ye Wuchen knew he had to pick a class, and the best option would be an Adventurer, yet the Lord Class had felt more appealing to him. "What shall your dynasty be called?" "Sky... I want to create a kingdom where all my people could soar to the skies!"

ryder_theanomaly · Video Games
Not enough ratings

My boyfriend is the prince from other planet

"Why the fuck are you always behind me, Leah? Don't you have anyone else to irritate!" "Nope, not everyone is you. Oh Kim Tan, what's your problem. Just tell me a YES! I really love you. Be My boyfriend, I will show you stars in the day light. Just tell a yes!" "Why don't you get a simple thing in your head, Leah. We are not meant to be together. Just stop thinking about me." "Why do you think that? Just because you are a prince from another world and I am a human, you think we are not meant to be!" "What??? How do you know that!" "Come on Tan, I know everything about you. I've heard you talking to someone last night!" *** Kim Tan was the prince of Zenith, a planet of sapphire. He'd come to Earth for a reason... For finding his mother, Queen Eliza who've ran away from their planet and came to Earth to hide, because of his father, king Claudio's betrayal. Leah Mo was a normal human with cute smile and bubbly nature. But when she laid her eyes on the new transfer student in the school, her life never remained the same. Because... She fell for a prince of another planet.

Sillygirl · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings