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The CEO's Office Boy is a Girl

I'm worthless but now priceless -Tan Hua --------- Do you know a reincarnation in modern times with a cliche plot? A super talented woman. Betrayed by best friend. Cheated by her dear fiance. A broken family. Luckily she is spoiled by the cool ML and the gentle second ML. She also got her revenge! Ahhh super cliche, no? But still! Isn't it exciting? A lot of girls fawned over this kind of cliche drama and Tan Hua, a talented young fashion designer is also not an exception. But...will it still be exciting if you one day found out that somehow you have transmigrated into this kind of chinese drama not as the FL or the villainess but as a nameless nobody, a lowly office boy who is actually a girl?! That is what Tan Hua, a 22 years old super rich daughter of a famous fashion designer parents ended up in. From an extremely rich and pampered life into a poor life of commoner. Not only that...Tan Hua also had to live her new life in disguise as a boy! The worst part is that the second male lead-sama the one who fawn over the FL...is going to kill her the moment she just transmigrated in??!! Watch as Tan Hua survived from the black-bellied second male lead-sama scheme being only a normal office boy with no money no power at all, slowly rising to be a world-wide famous fashion designer! But...could someone tell her just why the hell that evil second male lead-sama who was courting the FL before...is now pestering her?? Other project: 1. The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator (completed) 2. I Become Baby Mafia Boss (on-going) Follow my Instagram: @zehell2218 for Q&A and fun information! For support: https://www.paypal.me/Zehell2218 If u don't like to read imperfect grammar then this novel might not be your cup of tea so please be prepared. *the cover isn't mine the credit belong to the rightful owner*

Zehell2218 · Romance

The Female Emperor is two faced

In the ancient empire of Roman, no women was allowed to be emperor. Their lives were determined by men. This story is about Luna Amadeus, a young woman in her eighteenths who becomes emperor after the death of the emperor and the crown prince since she is the sole legitimate heir alive. The other princes were the sons of concubines so they didn’t have the right to ascend the throne. She later found out the culprits who voluntary killed her whole family; even her mother who died of being poisoned. She started training swordsmanship from her personal knight, Lucius Anastatius. She goes through meeting her first love. They never told their real identity so it shocks both of them. She has to go through marriage as well, for the sake of her country. She also goes to a slave auction leading her to meet another young man who will get tangled in her life of empress . All of them gets entangled into a complicated fate! - “It’s time for revenge my dear!~” Luna said as her turquoise eyes glowed while licking her sword like a mad woman. “This is the illegitimate son of Duke Cassirius.” Whispers and mutters surrounded the young man walking towards the new empress to greet her. “It’s a slave. He has no rights.” Said the man at auction. “He obeys you without limits! If not just show him who's the master!” The slave kneeling on the stage in a blank mind while blood was dripping off his pale skin. “I’m the prince of the German, Leon König. Pleased to meet you, my empress” the male kneeled in front of Luna’s throne presenting his respects to the king of the nation.

Ruby_chxnn · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

The Villain and his Villainess

Adam Conroy made a deal with a woman, Fenella Etienne to pretend as her wife as she works for him as his spy. In exchange for her to use his name and his money for her plans to achieve, Fenella agreed in the contract. But her plans and her goal was a secret. The only answer she told the Earl was to put herself into 'rest' after they accomplished their goal. However, the Earl started to feel attached to the Countess and wanted to stop her from her plans when he found her deepest goal behind her plot. The conflict was just about to enter. (unedited) (Will be edited once again in da near future) Disclaimer: Art not mine. Art credits to: Woomun

Land_of_Fictives7 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Tale of Hidden Dragons

Ironblood Qigang is one of the Demonic faction’s 12 Martial Kings, a figure with little rival in the entire pugilist world. He was one who abruptly rose in position, shocking both demonic and righteous pugilists. But Qigang’s success had gotten to his head. In his arrogance, he decided to challenge the other 12 Martial Kings. But during his first duel, he lost. He was sent running with his tail between his legs, forced to forsake his honor and pride in order to keep his head. He hides in Huo City—the city of swords. Here, he finds himself playing the role of a beggar, but things start to change when he is dragged into the Blacksword Gang, and eventually back to the pugilist world.

averydumbperson · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Rebirth of the Anti-Harem Master

Hathory woke up one day in a body of a 2nd tier actor. 「 This is system AH01 」 「First Mission: Destroy the Film Emperor's Harem」 「Failure: Death」

WeDiedOn2012 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings