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The Life of The Modern Consorts

The Life of The Modern Consorts

What will happen when a two Consorts from the ancient era was reborn in the modern times. Bai Xiu Lan. A graceful and alluring Imperial Noble Consort of the Emperor of White Empire. She was supposed to be crowned as the Empress but died on her coronation day because of assassination. Ming Yue. The cold yet kind Princess Consort of the Crown Prince of Black Empire. Died by sacrificing herself for her husband. Join the two woman of great beauty and strength on their adventures in modern times. ______________________ Author's note: This is my original story and I am an amateur writer so expect grammatical, spelling errors and plot holes. English is not my first language. If you are a perfectionist then don't read it. (okay?) The cover photo I used is NOT MINE. I found this in Google. Credits to the owner...

FairyofFrost · Fantasy Romance