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Heiress: The Revenge of Hera

Heiress: The Revenge of Hera

Behind every camera is a story to tell. But Hera, 14-year-old model's story, was not everybody's story to discover. People in the industry use aliases to either boost their popularity or to make a mark, but hers was to protect her normal life as Eve. As she desperately tries to hide her double life, she stumbles upon rival magazine brand—Heiress's top model, Cherry, who happens to be her next partner on a collaboration. Thinking she was in trouble, it so happens she discovered her rival's secret that could potentially end Heiress and finally, Hera could fulfill her lifelong desire to destroy the brand. Will Hera be able to defeat her opponent, or be discovered as Eve before she can even do something about it?

Mai_Luna · Teen
Not enough ratings