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Where Stars Land

Her experience with a traumatic past makes her toxic, anti-social butterfly, and a girl who doesn't believe in happiness. When on the other hand, Ace lives to the fullest and as if there's no tomorrow. When two people with completely different personalities encounter each other, they become rivals. A quirky and exciting romance undertakes. Together they discover something that is only to be seen or heard in stories. "You...I feel sorry for you. You are an empty can with no feelings." He croaks as he struggles for breath. Wounding, hurtful, and upsetting. Those words he uttered were. It escorted me to despair with a robust heartache. My tears have been glued inside my eyes. It won't pour out. I let go of his neck at a snail's pace. He collapses. "Ahem Ahem." He is wheezing and coughing ceaselessly. He shows signs of passing out. He finally blacks out. I sit on my knees next to him. I stroke his hair gently. "I hope you die" I smile smugly at him. *** She assumes happiness doesn't exist while I presume it does. She states it peters out forever. Reversing it, I posit it comes back. She has no fear oppositely I live in fear. We are two immensely different people who were meant to encounter each other.

Itsmesherinbist ยท Fantasy Romance
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