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The Race For Hell

Demonic racer Rein Schinn gets himself into quite the predicament as he gets his tongue caught by quite a large cat. He is forced into the world of racing he never knew existed, will he live, or will he reunite with those demons back in hell who knows! All we know is that its time, for the Race For Hell to begin! Racers read? 3.. 2.. 1.. GO!

Tyrean · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Just Some Lost Memories

It's been six years since hes seen a specific boy but he cant remember his name. All he can remember is his shimmering silver eyes. As I walked out of the bus my eyes start to water. It's been six years since i've been here. As i start to walk to my old house i see a pair of glistening brown eyes. Two Boys One Lost Memorie but the same eyes.

Lucifer_Mufinn · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings