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Extreme Love And Obsession

The story is about a guy who belongs to a mid class family but have big dreams, a girl who belongs to a mid class family and wants to live a normal life with the person she loves and another girl who is very rich and is an influential person that dont trust people and don't believe in things like love.... How will the life of these three, would change when they meet each other. Wanna know? well then hop in and see... (Hey guys this here which I am writing doesn't belong to me, well it's a TV show which I really liked and just wanted to write it since I didn't liked the ending. I am just putting it in words nothing belongs to me except my words, lol.)

blacknight29 · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

21 Days

21 days is a worldwide tv show, where 20 celebrities are sent to a particular place in the world and have to live with each other for 21 days. Challenges and quests will happen every day, the celebrities and public will decide the winner at the end of the 21 weeks. The celebrities and THE public will vote at the end, one who deserves the 10 million dollar contract with either Nike, Adidas, MAC cosmetics, Gucci, prettylittlething, McDonald's, Costco, Walmart, Chanel, Starbucks, and much more. Drama, love, loss, friendship, and family will be the key topics of the next season of the global wide phenomenon... 21 days and in this season... they're spending it in Dubai.

Princess_nobody_hi · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings